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The Annenberg Research Network on Globalization and Communication (ARNGC) is a community of scholars focused on advancing the study of globalization and communication. The ARNGC is based at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication, and is composed of researchers representing a diverse set of theoretical perspectives and methodologies.

In its mission to promote collaborative research, the ARNGC sponsors lectures and conferences, as well as provides an online forum for academic work that contributes to the collective body of research on globalization. Through these resources and venues, the ARNGC actively encourages the advancement of thinking about globalization and communication and pushes the debate forward through the inclusion of multiple scholarly voices.

Currently, researchers affiliated with the project are involved in projects on areas such as:

  • Globalization of Telecommunication Networks
  • Globalization of Terrorism
  • Global Flows of Cultural Products
  • Globalization of News
  • Community Ecology of Global Organizations
  • Meta-Analysis of Globalization Research Findings

The mission of the Annenberg Research Network on Globalization and Communication is to promote scholarly activity on the subjects of globalization and communication, by providing valuable links between scholars for both collaborative research as well as a clearinghouse of knowledge on existing theory, findings, and publications. In order to advance truly global theories of globalization and communication, a global community of scholars is necessary. To accomplish this mission, the ARNGC actively seeks to provide an outlet for research from around the world and offers a venue for sharing research via its web presence.

Starting with its partnership with the London School of Economics, the ARNGC is cultivating a global community of scholarship that takes advantage of research being conducted around the world -- especially by providing exposure for scholars from outside of North America and Europe. The goal of the network is to provide a productive point of contact and shared knowledge between those who study globalization and communication, in order to encourage dialogue and advance theoretical understanding.

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